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 I often provide interviews, webinars, and keynotes for events, podcasts, and online learning activities. For requests, please reach out to my office.


January 24, 2024. Mindful Lunch with Geraldine De Braune hosted by Dr. Patlee Creary. 

"Filling your boots and being your authentic self."

November 29, 2023. Mindful Lunch with Amna Burki hosted by Dr. Patlee Creary. 

"Navigating the Complexities of Trauma and Resilience with Oral Storytelling."

October 17, 2023. Mindful Lunch with Cate Friesen hosted by Dr. Patlee Creary.

 "The Power of Your Story." 

September 22, 2023. Mindful Lunch with Sharon Inkster hosted by Dr. Patlee Creary

 "Managing Anxiety at Work.

August 23, 2023.  Mindful Lunch with Agata Szkiela hosted by Dr. Patlee Creary.

"Practicing Gratitude for Mental Wellness." 

Guest Speaker. Ignite Purpose Webinar hosted by Chrissy Cordingley

"Building a Culture of Belonging," July 12, 2023

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