Projects & Testimonials

I am a social entrepreneur, writer, retreat and workshop facilitator, and community builder. Here are a few of my most recent projects. If you have any questions about these or other projects, please message my office, and I will respond as soon as possible.

Sample Projects

Intercultural Storytelling Facilitation with Amna Burki and Cate Friesen.

In this unique workshop developed for The Gathering, Amna Burki (Stories Matter), Cate Friesen (The Story Source), and I facilitated learning and discussion about using folk tales in social justice and community-building work in contemporary times.  Amna expertly delivered a range of folk tales from different regions and cultures, while Cate Friesen and I bookended each story with experiential learning practices. 

Ready, Set, Grow: Youth Mindfulness and Well-being Summer Day Camp.

Ready, Set, Grow is Reyou's major community-impact project. Working with other facilitators, local small businesses, and community support groups, we brought together local youth for a week filled with fun and interactive learning and practice to help them grow their mental well-being and resilience.

Increasing Capacity and Sharing Lived Experiences of Homelessness and Housing Inequality.

I was honoured to work with Cate Friesen of The StorySource ( as we guided nine persons in identifying and sharing stories about their experiences of homelessness and housing inequality. The workshop was a capacity-enhancing and performative event for the 55th National Congress on Housing and Homelessness.

From November 2022 to February 2023, I worked closely with 12 newcomer women to help them tell their stories of journey, transition and resilience. This project was spearheaded by a group of Winnipeg newcomer and social support agencies and the Manitoba Museum. Each woman developed a personal story using shoes as metaphors for movement and arrival. Rachel E. Smith provided performance coaching for the participants and the project culminated in March with two days of storytelling performances at the Manitoba Museum.

Mindfulness and Mental Health PD for the School District of Whiteshell.

From late November to early December 2022, I delivered an innovative PD Day solution to teachers in the School District of Whiteshell. Facing a cramped school schedule and difficulty assembling most teachers for a single-day event, I collaborated with administrators to deliver small group micro-sessions over a two-week period.

Experiential Learning for Internship Students at the University of Toronto.

In early November 2022, political studies internship prospects at the University of Toronto benefitted from hands-on learning about interpersonal mindfulness and how mindful communication helps transform workplace conflicts. Students were prepared for their entry into the world of work with practical conflict transformation and anxiety-reducing techniques in this tailored workshop. 


"I enjoyed the Mindfulness and Conflict Transformation Workshop. The grounding technique was beneficial. The students can use it in their studies and workplaces to reduce stress and help ground themselves in the present moment before or during a difficult conversation or presentation. I could see that they left the workshop reflecting on what was discussed. I am grateful to Dr. Creary for sharing this knowledge and practice with us."

Dr. Olga Skarlato, University of Toronto Mississauga

With Patlee's guidance, I've reached a more profound ability to pin down peripheral thoughts into something enlightening and meaningful. The open discussions and different perspectives have pushed my understandings in new directions. It's exciting, and I feel connected in new and gratifying ways."


"There is no one else I would trust as a guide through rest and recovery from the stress in my life. Patlee never disappoints. She has a variety of tools and extensive experience."

Chris C.

"I really appreciate Patlee's retreat process, she explains the neuroscience behind what we are doing and the takeaways that I can apply to my life going forward. I feel that this is a good use of my time, and it has a lot of value. These sessions have become important to my personal growth and development."

Christine H.

“Patlee is such a patient and supportive instructor. Thanks to this workshop, I am now more confident when communicating and I am better at listening and understanding others.”


“It feels amazing that I get to share my story in a safe space. Patlee helped me realize that I am not alone on this journey. By the end of the workshop, I felt less anxious about being around people and sharing my story. I improved my writing and social skills and learned something new about myself each time I came to the sessions.”

Workshop Participant

"Because of this workshop, I now have a better understanding of the power of self-awareness. Having taken the time to come here early in the morning for this session and hearing Dr. Creary start with “take a moment to realize that you are here, and you should feel good that you took this step” was such a great start to my day. Learning how to ground myself before I make a stressful decision has positively impacted me."

Workshop Participant

"The journaling workshop was fantastic. It helped me make the adjustments I need in my life, and I so appreciate them."

Marissa S.

"I really appreciate the sense of calm that I feel about heading into a difficult situation in a couple of days. The workshop Patlee facilitated showed me how to experience the negative but know that I can change the focus to a positive one."

Workshop Participant